• Most Frequently Asked

    • What are the benefits of having a maintenance plan?

      HVAC maintenance plans provide improved energy efficiency, lower utility bills, extended system lifespan, improved indoor air quality, and reduced likelihood of costly breakdowns.

    • What kind of filter should I use? And how often should I change it?

      We recommend you use a high-efficiency pleated filter and change it every 30 days for optimal HVAC performance.

    • What is happening with R22 phase out and what does it mean?

      R22 has been phased out due to its harmful environmental effects. It means production and import of R22 is restricted, and users must transition to more eco-friendly refrigerants. R22 is in short supply and will eventually no longer be sold.

    • Are your technicians required to wear PPE?

      We prioritize safety and are prepared to wear PPE as needed based on your preferences and requirements.

    • What air quality devices do you recommend?

      We highly recommend the Air Scrubber by Aerus – an effective indoor air purification and pathogen reduction device that installs directly into your ductwork, providing whole-home protection.

    • It’s time to upgrade my HVAC. What do I do now?

      To upgrade your HVAC system, start by assessing your needs, budget, and energy efficiency goals. Then, give us a call at 434-246-7111 to schedule your FREE Estimate. Even if you do not know what you’re looking for, we can help!

    • What is SEER rating?

      The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating is a measure of an air conditioning system's energy efficiency. It represents the cooling output (in BTUs) during a typical cooling season divided by the total electric energy input (in watt-hours) during the same period. A higher SEER rating indicates greater energy efficiency, which can lead to lower cooling costs.

    • Would you happen to offer financing?

      Yes! We offer excellent financing solutions to fit most any budget!