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We stand by the importance of air quality!

Do you know what the quality is of the air inside your home? ...

Truth is, you may not want to know! ...

We want to invite you to learn more about the Air Scrubber Plus and explore the choice you have to improve the air you and your family, friends, neighbors, or any other visitors (four-legged friends included) you have inside your home.  

Germs are no joke!  They spread like fire!  They live on surfaces and in the air and will hang out for as long as they can.  

Odors in the air can linger too, and while food smells amazing right before you sit down to enjoy it, it's not usually something you want to hang around for long (especially garlic, onions, or bacon grease).  

How about allergies?  We are in Virginia, and let's face it, when pollen decides to peek, allergies trigger reaction mode!!  The power of the Air Scrubber Plus on allergies doesn't just end with seasonal allergies though, there are a number of them that this technology takes care of!  

Full transparency, most of the team at Monticello Air has these inside their home!  This is a form of air purification technology that not only we recommend as your HVAC contractor, but simply as another homeowner, parent, and human being!

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